Crazy Nurses and Loud Neighbors

I should have posted a new blog sooner, but I’ve been staying busy working on Carson’s baby blanket. It’s getting close to being finished, and I’ve already started working on the next blanket. One of my nurse techs taught me the shell stitch…that one took me a little while to get rolling. She is right handed, I’m left handed, you know how that goes. Well, I guess if you’re not left handed, you don’t. Basically, I have to imagine everything right handed people do in opposite. Which, when someone’s fingers are flying along working with superfine yarn, is not always an easy task! Needless to say, I undid a lot of stitches learning to get that one right. When I finish the blankets and get to come home, I’m going to photograph them so I have a memoir of how I spent my time!

Baby Carson and I are doing well. They held off on my procardia a couple of days ago because my blood pressure was too low, but I started having contractions, so they restarted it. Now, I have to sleep almost sitting up so my BP doesn’t drop! And, now, as Carson gets bigger and bigger, he’s starting to press on my sciatic nerve, so I’m pretty much staying on my left side! Seriously, men should have to carry a 3rd trimester baby for one week. After two days, they’d be begging for relief, and after a week, they’d be curled in the fetal position, unable to move. Carson’s favorite activity is still punching my bladder. For instance, ten minutes after I just went to the bathroom, my bladder suddenly spasmed, and I almost didn’t make it the 10 steps to the toilet in time! You don’t even realize there’s urine in your bladder, when BAM!! You gotta go, RIGHT THEN. I get up anywhere between 2 and 4 times a night to potty. Before I was pregnant? I went before I went to sleep, and when I woke up.

I had the crazy nurse again the other night. The most frustrating thing about her is that she’s just doing her job. She just wants to be a good nurse. The problem is, she drives you crazy in the process! The other nurses know me well enough by now to know that, unless I’m complaining about something, everything is wonderful. They call me the easy patient! I had to call one the other day when I was hooked up to the monitor because I had to suddenly pee (thanks Carson). She unhooked me and left. Instead of calling her back to reattach me to the monitor, I just hooked myself back up–she hadn’t logged off, and the cords are color-coded, just like hooking up a computer cable. Well, when my nurse came back 30 minutes later to take me off the monitor, she looked at the strip and realized I’d come off for a few minutes. She looked at me, and then she looked back at the monitor, and then she looked at me again and said, “did you put yourself back on the monitor?” I told her I did–there was no need in bothering a busy nurse when I could plug in the cables. She laughed and said, ” you have been here too long!” And one of my other nurses made the ‘mistake’ of showing me the snack room, so when I need a snack, I just walk across the hall and get one. So, now they all laugh and tell me I’m going to put them out of a job. But, I digress, back to the crazy nurse. In the span of 15 minutes, she asked me 6 times, “is the baby moving good?” with the same answer of, “yes, he’s a very active baby.” To which, she replied, “that’s good, an active baby is a good thing.” Carson gets fetal heart tones checked once per shift, so, when she came on at 7 pm, she checked them. His heart tones are always good. All the nurses talk about what a good baby he is. I told her this. At midnight, the nurse tech came in to check my BP and temperature (standard procedure that I really very strongly dislike, but, sigh, I suppose it’s necessary). While the tech was getting my vitals, nurse crazy comes in, flips on the light (AT MIDNIGHT), and says, “I’m going to listen to the baby while she’s doing that.” Fine. Do it, be quick, and get out. Most nurses use about a quarter size glob of gel for this, but not nurse crazy. She piles that stuff on the end of the transducer and immediately drops it right into my navel, (which, amazingly, is still very much an innie) leaving me with a bellybutton full of ultrasound gel. She listens, finds all is well, and asks, “is the baby moving good?” To which I replied, “he is sleeping. He doesn’t move much when he sleeps.” And she said, “have you felt him move since you woke up?” And, I wanted really badly to say, I just woke up 2 minutes ago, and if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have fully woken at all. The kid has to sleep sometime, and I prefer that he does it the same time I do–it’s pretty nice that way. But, I bit my tongue instead and said, “no, but he’s pretty active. He’ll move soon.” She halfway cleaned the jelly off my belly, but left a glob that got on my PJs. Meanwhile, she’s still standing there with the light on, the tech’s already finished and left the room, and she asks, AGAIN, “is the baby moving good?” It was at this point that I seriously considered telling her to get out of my room and not return, that I would request another nurse. I took a deep breath, counted to 5, and said, “yes, he’s moving; he’s very active.” She said, “that’s a good thing,” and finally left. Before her shift ended at 7am, I think I answered that same question 15 more times.

In addition to nurse crazy, there for a few nights I had the world’s loudest neighbor. Not even in all my years of apartment living have I ever had such a bad neighbor. Her and her baby daddy/husband/boyfriend/who knows would yell at each other like there was a brick wall between the two of them. I don’t think they were fighting (for the most part); they were simply talking that loud. They would continue to do this until well after 11pm. I complained to the nurses twice, and twice they went in and told them to keep it down, but it did no good. One night was so bad that after laying awake until 11:45pm, I finally put a pillow over my head and managed to get some rest. At least until they came in 10 minutes later to check my BP! I told my day nurse about it the next day, and she rolled her eyes and said, “you’ll get some sleep tonight. I promise. They’re going home sometime today. And you’re not the only one who’s happy about that.” Apparently all the nurses thought loud lady was a pain in the butt.

Speaking of pains in the butt, I got my second progesterone injection yesterday. It was about like having refrigerated molasses injected into my buttocks. Not only does it burn, but because it’s so thick, it takes a long time to give it. You know it’s bad when your nurse cringes when she tells you she’s got to give you the shot. Luckily, those are only once a week. And, they’re ten times better than the beta methasone injections–those feel like liquid fire going in. Thank goodness there were only two of those!

Well, my left hand is going numb thanks to the pressure on my carpal tunnel nerve that comes with pregnancy. Isn’t bringing a child into the world such a blessing? 🙂 No, it seriously is, I wouldn’t trade this for the world, but someone needs to write a book: What to Really Expect When You’re Expecting. Hmm..I’ve got some time on my hands…


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