29 Weeks Down, 11 to Go

Wow, it’s been 29 weeks of pregnancy today! I’m in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy–and possibly less than that! I now waddle instead of walk everywhere I go,  shaving my legs is an act of contortion best left to professionals, and getting out of bed requires a serious list of pros vs cons. The nurses are so kind: they keep telling me how little I am. HA! I’m 150 pounds! I cringe when I think how much work it’s going to take to get all the baby weight off, but it’s all worth it. My first APFT just may be a lot lower than what I’m used to achieving.

Meals are picking up again here. The kitchen’s almost recovered from the fire, and the food service ladies know me well enough to suggest alternatives I might like. For example, I had pancakes for breakfast this morning. Ah… And tomorrow? French toast! Granted, it’s still lower quality than what they serve to prison inmates, but hey, Carson’s not a picky eater yet. Plus, Ryan’s starting to develop his abilities as a ‘chef,’ so he brings dinner fairly often. Really, life isn’t too bad.

I probably spend at least 2 hours a day just sitting and watching my abdomen move. Carson’s getting big enough to slide his feet and shoulders across the front, so I get the alien-trying-to-claw-out-of-my-belly effect. It feels just as weird as it looks, too. I’m definitely going to miss the little guy poking around in there! All the nurses warn me: he’s going to be a very active baby. They tell me I’m not going to get one moment’s rest after he’s born! That makes sense. Put two hyper-active, never-sit-still people together, what kind of child do you really think they’ll have? They’ll probably test him for ADHD at 6 months. 🙂

Now that I’ve finally accepted the fact that I’ll be on bed rest for the duration of my pregnancy, I’ve decided it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I have plenty to keep me entertained: season 1 of House (thanks, Tara), Sims 3 (bless you, Ryan), Food & Wine magazine (a charity subscription I signed up for months ago), several books (thanks, all of you), and a baby blanket in progress. Really, I might be upset when the doctor finally tells me I can get out of bed for good! Just kidding. The downfall, of course, is that I’m not home to get the nursery ready. Plus, even though I haven’t broken the news to him yet, Ryan’s going to have to go in search of nursing bras and nightgowns here in a few weeks (eek!). Not to mention, there’ll be no baby showers before Carson’s birth. We may be heading home for emergency showers as soon as they release us from the hospital!


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