Teaching Men to Cook

I know, I know, you’d think that since I’m home on bed rest I’d be spinning these blogs out twice daily. Unfortunately, being on bed rest means there’s not a lot of excitement going on down here.

It’s finally cold down here in southern Georgia, and I can’t go outside and enjoy it! Yeah, I don’t really like the cold, per se, but it does feel more like home when it’s cold in January instead of 40 and 50 degrees. I suppose it’s better I can’t get out in the cold since none of my winter coats will fit over my expanded waistline.

So, if you hadn’t heard, Ryan was allowed to leave Ranger school (with the ability to return as soon as Carson is born) in order to take care of me over these next 11 weeks and 4 days (but who’s counting). Both of us were shocked they decided to admin drop him and were actually really nice about it. Ryan said just as soon as the papers were cleared the 1SG was calling him sir and being respectful. Instant change.

I’ve been trying to teach Ryan to cook from my sofa vantage point. It’s been an interesting challenge. We tried steaks Sunday evening. Ryan was adamant that he had “done this before” so he sent me back to the couch. Meanwhile, since he was so confident, I called Mom & Dad to catch up. While I was talking to Dad, Ryan asked me something from the kitchen, but I couldn’t hear Dad on the phone, so I waved at Ryan to wait a minute. The next thing I know, Ryan says, “hey, all the oil has cooked out of the pan, do I add the steaks now?” I waddled into the kitchen to find it full of smoke. Sigh. Ryan had thought I would tell him when to put the steaks in, I thought he knew since he had done it before! Luckily I was using Granny’s cast iron skillet, so all I had to do was wipe out the last bits of burned oil and start over. Unfortunately, the smoke alarm went off before we could get the house cleared of all the smoke. Lesson learned: when Ryan says he’s done it before, what he really means is, I saw somebody do it once and it can’t be that hard. We’re starting from the basics now: frozen Bertolli lasagna and salad mix, sandwiches, and frozen pizzas. Carson will be getting cooking lessons at an early age.

I’m doing pretty well on bed rest. Well, couch rest, anyway. The dogs are loving it–Mom’s home all day and lays on the couch to boot. Dexter rarely leaves my lap. The unfortunate side effects of bed rest aren’t absolutely terrible yet, but I’ll sure be happy if my doctor says I can start to do menial tasks around the house. My butt is almost permanently numb these days, even though I try to alternate the sides I lay on.

My goal is to finish Carson’s afghan this month and start on one for my sister-in-law’s little girl. I’m getting faster every day, but I can only work about an hour at a time before my hands start cramping in protest. I’ve got lots of projects to work on if I could only remember what they are…


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