Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and grits

Aside from being in a foreign country and having to watch for incoming missiles, I think I understand what Dad was talking about when he described his deployment as an endless groundhog day. You guys remember that movie, right? Bill Murray keeps waking up and repeating groundhog day over and over? Not a great movie, but mildly entertaining.

Anyway, my day pretty much goes like this:

Midnight: Nurse comes in, takes BP, temperature, and gives meds

0400: Nurse comes in, takes BP and temperature

0600: Nurse comes in, takes BP, temperature, and gives meds

0715: Food & Nutrition services lady comes in, brings breakfast, which consists of scrambled (powdered) eggs, 2 strips of bacon, 1-2 slices dry toast, grits, 2% milk, and decaf coffee. Yep, everyday. Since the kitchen fire, there’s no variety

0815: Housekeeping

1000-1100: Fetal/Uterine monitoring (no movement for Mommy during this time)

1130: Food & Nutrition services lady brings lunch

1200: Nurse comes in, takes BP, temperature, gives meds


I’m getting pretty used to the midnight-0700 schedule and can now return to sleep pretty quickly after the nurse comes in. In fact, I’m not sure I fully wake up anymore. I sort of doze through it all. If I could figure out how to keep my tv turned off during the night (it turns itself on, automatically), I would really sleep well. I’ve had Ryan hang a mat over it most nights when he goes home–that helps tremendously. Last night, I forgot to have him hang it, and I kept waking up to a flashing blue screen. That’ll make you cranky in the morning…

It may have been the large meal I just ate, but it sure seems my belly is expanding on a daily basis. I can still see my toes when I stand up, but if I want to see my feet, I have to lean forward. I wish I had a full-length mirror so I could see what I look like. I know the rest of me is expanding, too! I had to have Ryan buy a new set of pajamas because my rear-end has outgrown all my regular PJs. Wonder how long it’ll take me to work that off… So much for being one of those women who only gain 25-30 pounds. Bed rest is going to nix that.

The worst part of bed rest is actually being in bed. This past two weeks marks the least amount of physical activity I have ever endured in my life, and it’s messing with my psyche. I’m doing my best to avoid thinking about all the housework, cooking, dog-walking, and general getting out of the house stuff I could be doing, but it nags at me constantly. With all the time I’ve had, I’ve been reading up on photography techniques, and I’m dying to get out and use my new tripod (thanks Wes and Donna).

Well, the legs are still crossed. I’m keeping Carson in one week at a time!


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