Christmas in the Hospital

Okay, I’m officially tired of being in bed at the hospital. I have coloring books and word finds (gifts from 4th Main–OB Wing), a guitar (gift from Ryan), books (from Ryan’s mom), movies (from home and on tv), the internet, and a cell phone, but none of it sounds appealing any longer. I simply want to be on my own two feet, at home with family. It’s not helping at all that there’s no sunshine, and the sky is the color of lead. Very depressing, even if I wasn’t stuck in a hospital bed with no view.

My last glimmer of hope is that Tuesday, when they perform the ultrasound, they’ll find that my cervix has returned to normal, and they’ll let me go home. If I have to stay in the hospital much longer, they’re going to need to sedate me.

I can’t wait to get back in a kitchen and cook. I’m so sick of hospital food! As if the food itself wasn’t bad enough, they apparently don’t have a very creative chef. They rotate the same meals week after week. I feel bad for the really long-term patients. If it wasn’t for Ryan bringing me food, I’d probably end up losing weight during my stay.

I’m so bored I can’t even blog about it. Maybe tomorrow will bring a better one.


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