Point of View from Bed Rest

Another day on bedrest. Obviously there have been times in my life when I wished someone would order me on strict rest orders so that someone else would have to wait on me hand and foot, but obviously, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I’m trying not to count down the hours, since that would make time pass impossibly slow, but it’s pretty hard when the highlight of the day is looking forward to catering services bringing meals at 0730, 1130, and 1730.

The good news is that we’ve made it to a full 26 weeks today. Two more weeks gets us to 28 weeks, which makes a big difference, and then on to 30, and on, and on. As long as I look at it a week or two at a time, it seems plausible. I don’t think about the countdown my iPhone app shows me: 14 weeks left, today. 14 weeks seems like a very long time.

I’m currently looking for entertaining activities to do from bed. So far, the possibilities are somewhat limited, but I’m hoping a good computer game will help pass the time. Not sure what I’m going to do about getting comfortable though. My hips are already bruised, and it’s taking a toll on my back. At least the hospital bed allows for a hundred different ways of elevating my legs and head. I sleep a lot better in the hospital bed than I did at home, other than the nurses coming in every few hours to check vitals!

I have a lovely view of a red brick wall and some clouds. Actually, from the bed, through the window, it’s kind of an artsy photo–shadows on the wall, sunlight, and the clouds moving….or, it could be my imagination in overdrive.

I’ve done about as much research in the past few days as I did in probably my entire college career (which was a lot). I’ve learned all about tocolytics, pros and cons of bed rest, calcium-channel blockers, fetal development, and much more. Basically, what I’ve gathered is that while tocolytics can slow and temporarily halt pre-term labor, pretty much what we’re depending on is my body to change it’s mind and decide that Carson should stay put for three more months. The bed rest is intended to take pressure off the cervix to hopefully keep it from going into further activity (like dilating and effacing), and the Procardia is a calcium-channel blocker that keeps smooth muscle (i.e., my uterus) from contracting. Contracting encourages the cervix to dilate/efface, so you can see how it all works together. The good news is that I hadn’t really dilated, so my cervix is still closed. Carson’s doing absolutely great as well. At this point it’s simply a waiting game to see how long we can keep contractions at bay and ultimately keep the little bun in the oven until the timer goes off! Meanwhile, I’m keeping my legs crossed.


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