A Long Weekend

The muffins are in the oven, I’m just waiting for Ryan to get back from taking the RPFT (Ranger Physical Fitness Test). It’s a rainy Tuesday morning, but since Ryan’s finished packing for Ranger school, after he takes the PT test, I think he’s through for the day. Maybe we can narrow down some baby names, since Friday’s the day. Mom and Dad bought us 2 more packages of diapers, so we’re now at a grand total of 160 diapers! That should last us about a week and a half, according to the books. Thanks to Mindy, we also have a few baby items around the house: a baby swing and a bath tub. I’m getting so anxious now–I want the baby here!

This weekend past was the annual State Meeting. Because Ryan had a Friday morning formation, we couldn’t drive down Thursday afternoon like we had planned. I needed to be at work by Friday afternoon, so I decided to fly, and Ryan would drive down after his formation so we could drive back together. Plus, Wes and Donna were going to meet us in Little Rock (last time to see their son before he left for Ranger school). I had a feeling something would go wrong with my flight–I never have an uneventful flight, but I figured it would be a short delay or having to sprint to another terminal. Ryan dropped me off at the airport shuttle (for $30, you can catch a shuttle from Columbus to Atlanta airport) around 8 pm Thursday night. My plan was to stay at the Microtel just a few minutes from the airport so I could catch my 0730 Friday morning flight. We got to the airport around 9:45, and I realized that I had no idea where the hotel shuttle station was. I headed inside the terminal to the wall of phones and found the Microtel listing. I tried not to think about all the nasty bacteria, etc. on the phone as I put it to my ear. I could only make out a couple words the guy on the other end of the line said: something about north terminal and blue zone. Great. I headed back out of the airport towards the north end. I finally found an airport employee and asked her where the hotel shuttles were. She said, “Just go down that way and look to your left; you’ll see ’em.” Well, no, I did not “see ’em.” But, I kept going and eventually found a small sign that pointed me in the right direction. I found the blue zone, and started waiting for the Microtel shuttle. And waited. And waited. Three different drivers and workers told me to look for various shuttles, “Oh, it’s a white van.” “Yeah, the Microtel shuttle? You want to take the Hilton Garden shuttle.” “Microtel…uh, I think it’ll be here shortly.” So, I waited some more. Apparently I had waited long enough that a Holiday Inn bus driver noticed and asked me where I was going. He said, “Get on the bus, nice lady. I take you there.” And he did. I checked in to the Microtel at 10:59pm. For the record, the Microtel shuttle is the Hilton Garden shuttle. For some reason it just wasn’t running very often that night.

The next morning I caught the 0600 shuttle to the airport and checked in for my flight. So far, so good. We arrived on time in Dallas, and I caught a terminal shuttle to the American Airlines terminal to check in for the last leg. The ticket agent told me I was going to have to go back for my luggage, that it wasn’t checked all the way through. She was kind enough to move me to a later flight so I could make it. I had to sit outside for 10 minutes waiting on a terminal shuttle to take me back to the baggage claim area. It was freezing in Dallas! I got back to the claim area and waited. When the last bag from my flight had made the circle twice, I found a baggage agent. She said, “Your bag is checked all the way to Little Rock.” It was 0955. My flight was leaving at 1030. I ran out and waited for another terminal shuttle to take me back to American Airlines. I got to the ticket counter at 1028. The ticket agent at that counter was NOT helpful. In fact, he was downright rude. He put me on the 1230 flight on standby. Once I had made it through security for a second time that day, I went to the gate counter to see what I needed to do for standby. “Just sit close, we’ll call your name if you get cleared for the flight.” I was third in line on standby on an overbooked flight. So, I waited. When they started boarding the flight, I figured I wasn’t making it on this flight and went again to the gate counter. Apparently they don’t actually call your name; they just think it. I had been on the cleared list for some time. Remind me to never again fly American Airlines. We finally arrived in Little Rock around 1:45, and I went to retrieve my bag. And I waited. Once more, I waited for a bag that never came. After some investigating, it turned out my luggage had gone on the flight I had missed (glad I wasn’t a terrorist with a bomb in that suitcase). It was there waiting for me in the baggage claim office.

Luckily, the rest of the weekend went without incident. As a matter of fact, Ryan and I actually enjoyed the state meeting this year. It was a lot less hectic since I didn’t have to run around coordinating everything. I took the pictures and sang the anthem. It was an easy role. Even the drive home was uneventful. The dogs slept, I slept, and Ryan drove. Well, not really. I drove my 2 hour portion so Ryan could sleep some!

The Dues at the Awards Banquet

I'm 18 weeks pregnant here. Luckily the dress hides it well!


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  1. Airport limo service Atlanta · October 28, 2009

    what a busy schedule.

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