Buying Diapers and Maternity Swimsuits

A shot of the belly for this week.

A shot of the belly for this week.

This month is simultaneously flying by and creeping along at the same time. And, I’m not really sure which one I want it to do. On one hand, at the end of the month, we find out if the baby’s an RJ or a CJ (Courtney Junior if you couldn’t figure that out), but on the other hand, the end of the month signals the start of Ranger school for Ryan, which leaves me all alone for 3 months. You’d think I’d be used to that by now, but amazingly enough, it never gets any easier. I’d like to get a job during that time. Does anyone know of a job where I could work 20-30 hours per week, be off anytime I needed, not be on my feet all day, and not work the last 2 weeks of December? Yeah, me neither. I need to be on weekly orders with the Guard. Wish they had a mission they needed me on down here in Ft Benning!

Well, I got that sit-down chat I wanted with my doctor. It wasn’t face-to-face, but I did get all my questions answered, and I feel alot better about my doctor. Turns out, his office (aka his secretary, who doesn’t seem to be that bright) scheduled my ultrasound too early. It was supposed to be set at 19-20 weeks like the ultrasound technician said. And, he said if I had any problems with my insurance not covering the ultrasound to let his office know. Meanwhile, I spoke with my Tricare representative, and she said the same thing. Tricare covers one ultrasound at 19-20 weeks for a growth check. So, I plan on heading to the clinic to get my refund today. Thank goodness, too. We can use that money to buy a crib.

On a whim, we went to Babies R Us the other night to check out all the things we’ll need to buy. We picked out a stroller/car seat combo, and finally found a crib we both agreed on in our price range! It’s got a changing table attached with storage underneath that will hold diapers, onesies, etc. Perfect. While we were there, I picked up my first box (of many, I’m sure) of diapers. Sigh. I told Ryan that from now on, every time we go to a baby store or Wal-Mart, we’re buying a box of diapers. I can’t wait until the movers show up to pack us up for Kentucky and see a whole stack of diaper boxes and no baby!

Yesterday I got back in the pool for the first time in several months. It felt great. I’m planning on swimming every day that I can while I’m pregnant (although, my suit is already at full capacity. I can’t imagine finding a Speedo or Tyr swimsuit in maternity size). I got some strange looks from the lifeguard on duty (a boy about 17), but no one else seemed to think it strange that I was swimming laps. I kept it light to make sure I didn’t overdo it. It’s very hard to tell how much I can do without stressing my body. I’m so used to pushing myself to the limit, that it’s hard to find a low-key pace. It was so strange getting out of the pool though. The minute I set foot back on terra firma, I felt like someone was pushing down on my shoulders and tugging my belly down! I like the weightlessness of the water much better than gravity!


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