Boy or Girl?

Already this kid is teaching me patience. However, I think it’s time my doctor and I had a little sit-down chat. We had an anatomy ultrasound that my doctor ordered for last Friday. So, Ryan and I, all super-excited, couldn’t wait for Friday to roll around. We had all kinds of ideas that we were going to narrow down names, pick a nursery theme, etc, etc. Ryan’s platoon tac was even going to let him off to go to the ultrasound. I should’ve suspected things would not go as planned when Friday morning turned out the way it did.

Early Friday I woke up with a laundry list of tasks to accomplish. I was pressed for time, but if I hustled a little, I would be able to make it. The wives of Charlie Co, 2-11th Inf Bn (that’d be me and the other wives) were hosting a picnic for our boys to celebrate the end of IBOLC. I was in charge of getting the grill and coolers. I had already rented the grill Thursday afternoon, so all I needed to do was pick it up. Then I got the first of many phone calls and text messages that morning…

The first one was from Stella (one of the wives who was in charge of planning the picnic). She asked if I could rent a couple more coolers. No problem that I could foresee–MWR rental wasn’t usually crowded, and it would only take an extra 10 minutes. I’d just be a couple minutes later than I wanted. No problem.

The second was a text from Ms. Murray in Arkansas asking me to make some changes on a program I had designed for the upcoming state meeting. Well, it was a little time-consuming, but I could manage. Just a couple of changes, right? Everytime I made one of the changes, I had to resave the file in pdf format and email it to her. Then, she had to print it and take it to Maj P for review. He would then note other changes (that he could have made before), she would have to scan the image and email it back to me. It was one vicious cycle. Meanwhile, he’s not paying me for this work. Finally, at 0945, I said, “No more changes. He’ll have to like it the way it is. I have to get in the shower.”

Still, if I hurried, I could make it to MWR by 1030 and be at Taylor field by 1040 so we could get the grill going (we were supposed to eat at noon). And, I ended up making it to MWR by 1025! Unfortunately, so did everyone else… It’s hunting season here, like everywhere else, and MWR just also happens to be the place where you purchase hunting licenses to hunt on post. I was about 30th in line, and let’s just say the girls working the counter don’t exactly get in  a hurry if you catch my drift. I ended up leaving there at 1115. I have no idea how we did it, but we managed to feed the boys starting at 1215. I think I could easily win Burger King’s Flame Broiled Employee of the Week…

Finally it was time to head to the clinic for my ultrasound (and with me still smelling like a charcoal grill). We were so excited on the way there. We should have known. Once we got there, we sat down with the receptionist to register, and she asked if our insurance covered the procedure. Why wouldn’t it? My doctor ordered it, right? Turns out, Tricare does NOT cover ultrasounds unless there are complications that require it. We had to decide whether or not to shell out $500 to find out the sex of the baby. There’s no way I could go through the rest of this pregnancy not knowing, so I said we had to go for it. It took Ryan awhile to swallow it down, but he finally agreed. So, out came the debit card. $500 later, we’re being escorted to the exam room by the ultrasound technician. She sits Ryan out in the hall to wait until they’re ready for him to come view, and then takes me back. I get comfortable on the exam table, and she tells me that, by the way, they’re just going to do a growth ultrasound, I’m still too early for an anatomy screening. I sat right up and said, “no, we’re not. We’re not doing any ultrasound today if we’re not finding out the sex.” We ended up rescheduling the ultrasound for 19 weeks, but now I’m wondering why my doctor ordered the test if I wasn’t far enough along to determine. Meanwhile, other people find out at 16 weeks…


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