I have no life.

I know these posts have been coming a little slower, but let’s face it, I’m living in Arkansas with Mom and Dad. Not exactly exciting stuff to talk about! Not that I’m complaining…I’m working, which means I’m getting paid.

So, it’s 0955, and I’m here at the office, and there’s no one here but me and the civilians. Dullsville. Unfortunately, I’ve been a little too expedient, and so I have everything done for the awards banquet project that I was hired to execute. I’m waiting for people to start sending money and award nominations my way.

You’ll be happy to hear that my digestive system is back on track. All it took was forgetting to take a prenatal vitamin one day and heaping teaspoons of Benefiber in my coffee every morning. Does that make me officially old, or can we count it as a temporary pregnant woman thing? I vote the latter.

Mom keeps stocking the house with junk food (sno-balls, M&M’s, Kit Kat bars, cookies, etc), so I’ve really been exercising major willpower these days. Luckily, I’m mostly craving salty foods (of which we typically have none), so the sweets aren’t too tempting. However, this week I’ve really been craving Kool-Aid and fruit punch, and I’ve given in by drinking Capri Suns and Mexico Chiquita fruit punch by the gallon (best fruit punch ever). I don’t want to think about how many extra calories it’s costing me!


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