Guns, Nascar, and Woods

Well, I may have been away from my roots for awhile, but I came back with a vengeance yesterday. Uncle Hartsell and Aunt Katy came out to sight in his new scope, so I went up to the pond to hang out and watch. After he and Dad finally got it to his liking, I pulled out my Glock and put a few bullets downrange to make sure I still had it. I put 14/15 shots in the kill zone at 25 yards, and the one little stray was still on paper, so I think it’s safe to say I could defend myself pretty well. I would have liked to shoot more, but there’s no definitive research regarding noise and fetal development, so I figured I’d play it safe.

The dogs got a pedicure and a bath yesterday. Dora’s love for water led her into the pond to cool off  while she and Dexter were running around, so you can imagine how she smelled. (icky, if you can’t imagine, and then double that with the supernose) Neither of them were thrilled about having their nails ground down and then all those hard-earned dirt and smells  washed away, but Mom, Dad, and me sure appreciated it.

Later that afternoon, gearing up for a long, exciting, fun-filled evening of Nascar, I was laying on the couch when I saw something moving out the front door. It was about 125 yards out, but I was pretty sure it was a turkey. Sure enough, Dad and I got up to look, and there she was. I can sit here on the couch and watch all kinds of creatures filter through the front pasture.

Meanwhile, my ‘little’ problem is still ongoing. Yesterday we had much success, but this morning was a different manner. I’m back to being pretty miserable again, so I’ve brought out the coffee and Benefiber again. Donna mentioned FiberOne bars…haha, I’ve always eaten those. I’m hoping the doctor will have some good advice for me at my next visit.


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