Pounding Pavement

Oh how I missed running! Well, not really. It’s sort of a love/hate relationship. I hate running while I’m out of breath and sweating, but I love the way I feel afterwards and the benefits. Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve not had the energy to run…until today! I jogged a mile and walked two. I couldn’t run the whole mile at once–had to break it up, but I’m hoping I can run longer and longer until I can run a full mile again. And then it’s on to two. I am going to be one of those pregnant girls who runs. And thank goodness. My body missed exercise. I feel way better now that I got a little workout.

I did a little shopping after my workout. I found the cutest picture frame at Hallmark–it’s an ultrasound picture frame. It says, “Baby to Bee” with a little bee on it. I can’t wait to frame our ultrasound picture! I also bought the “Belly Book” the other day so I can keep a journal of my pregnancy–it’s got pages for belly pictures and ultrsound pictures. Too cute. My other purchase today was a belly band–so I can wear my shorts that no longer fit. This weekend will mark the 9 week mark!


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