Working Mom

Well, I’m home from my  second day back on the job. I’m back doing the same job I was doing before I left. This time around, though, I know the job, and my boss is staying out of my hair! A major plus, I assure you. I’m planning this year’s awards banquet, which is about to make me an accomplished event planner. Hmm..maybe a future career? They’re going to bring me on orders for the banquet, which means I’ll have to look for a maternity cocktail dress. That should be fun. Can you detect the sarcasm?

I wish I’d had a video camera the other day. Dora decided that Mom and Dad’s waterfall looked an awful lot like her swimming pool back home and dove in headfirst. Boy, was she shocked when she came up, paddling for all her little legs were worth!! She decided maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, but she never missed a beat when I pulled her out–she just kept right on playing. Her and Dexter are having an awesome time running free out here. They’re sleeping pretty good at night these days.

I’ve discovered that scheduling OB visits in Georgia while working in Arkansas is not such an easy task. Especially when you have to see two doctors! I’ve got one appointment Friday, September 11th, and another Monday the 14th since Dr. Stitt is out of town on the 11th. I’m pretty tired of making the long drive from Georgia to Arkansas and back and forth and back and forth….oh well, at least Ryan and I don’t live in Ft. Bragg right now.

Speaking of Ryan, he’s doing pretty well. He took first in a platoon moving target (shooting) competition, and tied for first in the company competition. I’m so proud! He’s spending nights in the field these days. At least he’s not lonely at home! Tonight he’s at the range, and he said he can almost see our house from where he’s at. (The ranges are literally less than a mile away from our house) He’s spending the night there tonight, less than a mile away from a warm, comfy bed. I told him I would seriously consider sneaking off into the night…


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