Baby On Board

By now most of you have seen the picture of our little guy, but just in case you missed it on Facebook, I’m posting it here, too.

It was so incredible to see the baby on the ultrasound monitor! I’ve seen pictures of ultrasounds, and seen actual ultrasounds of dogs and horses, but as you can imagine, it’s a whole lot different when it’s yours! I got to see his little heart beating at 150 bpm (that explains why my resting heart rate has climbed), and it was pretty easy to make out his head and body. There’s not much in the way of arms yet, but I could definitely see some semblance of legs. All in all, pretty exciting stuff for a new mommy-to-be! It’s too bad Ryan couldn’t be there, but maybe we can schedule another visit before he goes to Ranger school and time it for the next ultrasound.

I’m still not really having a lot of nausea, for which I am eternally grateful. When I do get it, it’s in the afternoon around dinner time, and it’s because I’m hungry, so eating usually takes care of it. I do get some  pretty awful headaches though, and I’m trying to avoid taking anything. It made for a pretty miserable yesterday afternoon! First of all, after having all that blood drawn for all the different tests, Ms. Ellen from the hospital lab called me after lunch to inform me that she had made a mistake and forgotten to print a label (and therefore the phlebotomist had not drawn blood for that particular tube). She asked could I please come back for more blood to be drawn? Well, after lunch is typically when my day turns downhill these days. I start getting the headaches, fatigue, and general miserableness. But, I sucked it up and headed toward the hospital around 1530. I dropped off my prescription for the anti-nausea (just in case) along the way. That poor lady at the lab was so nice–she felt terrible that she was making me come in again, so I wasn’t angry (well, maybe a little about having both arms stuck with needles). On the way back home, I came thisclose to taking one of those Zofran tablets! It was pretty close to dinner, and I didn’t feel like cooking (especially since it was just me–Ryan’s out in the field) so I decided to stop and get a chicken sandwich from Burger King. A chocolate milkshake sounded pretty tasty, too! I was so excited about that chicken sandwich by the time I made it through the front door and sat down to eat. I pulled it out, opened the wrapper…and found myself staring at an Angry Whopper. Why? How do you mix up a chicken sandwich and a huge double-patty Whopper with spicy onions and jalapenos?? I started to pick everything off and just eat it, but the pregnancy factor won out (craving a chicken sandwich and eating a whopper does not equal), and so I had to package it back up and head back to BK, which luckily is less than a mile down the road. After a quick exchange, I again sat down to eat my chicken sandwich, still excited about it. I opened the wrapper, and found myself staring at a grilled chicken sandwich. Yes, that was the healthier option, but hey, I’m already eating fries and a chocolate shake! I wanted a breaded, fried chicken tender sandwich!! Was that too much to ask?? Again, I thought about driving back to BK once again, but I was starving, and the grilled chicken was the healthier choice…for those of you who’ve been pregnant, you understand what I’m talking about. *sigh*

It gets pretty boring here when Ryan’s out in the field. I’ll admit, sometimes it’s boring here when Ryan’s at home, too, but at least we have company. The baby’s not saying much these days, and the weiners sure don’t talk back (though sometimes I think Dora’s trying pretty hard). Hopefully after my orders in Arkansas end, I’ll find a job here.

Our newest family member

Our newest family member


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