Maternity Yoga Pants Are Awesome

This doe hangs out at Mom and Dad's

This doe hangs out at Mom and Dad's

I held off blogging for awhile until I could break the news to everyone back home, so I know it’s been awhile. I’m now starting week 7 (as defined by the medical world) of pregnancy. Technically, it’s the 5th week the way I look at it, but since the doctors go by their crazy system, I suppose I will, too. My first doctor’s appointment is tomorrow at 1000, and I’m so excited to find out all the stats: hCG levels, uterus/fetus size, etc. I can tell my hCG levels are rising because my nausea is steadily increasing. I still can’t complain–I haven’t thrown up once, and I can still go about my normal routines. However, the things that didn’t bother me before now make me queasy (the container of macaroni salad at the commissary, for instance–how disgusting). I’m also wearing my first maternity pants. They’re just yoga pants that have the belly band–you can fold the band down to wear them pre and post maternity. All my shorts are starting to get snug in the waist. Ryan says he can’t tell, but I can see a little rounding below my navel. I also bought some jeans with the belly band. They’re super cute, and they fit when I fold down the band, too. Which is good, since most of my jeans were already snug-fitting to begin. So, by the time jean season rolls around, I’ll be set.

I haven’t had any super strong cravings lately, but I can’t seem to get enough of Arby’s chicken salad, and ice cream is definitely top on the list. I see things and think, “ooh, I want that!” but so far I’ve been able to resist. I’ve only gained the weight that comes from not running on a regular basis, so that’s good. I had planned on continuing to run throughout my pregnancy, but I don’t have the stamina to do it, so I’m sticking to swimming. Thank goodness for indoor pools. I’m also adding bicycling to keep my leg strength up.

Ryan’s platoon instructor gave his class an assignment for this weekend: everyone has to do something special for his wife/girlfriend. So, Ryan bought me a massage at the local spa. Ahhhh!!! I came out feeling like a new woman. Afterwards I bought a new pillow, and I slept so much better last night. I accidentally bought a king-sized pillow, but it worked to my advantage. I slept almost the whole night.

I’ll be back in Arkansas for the next month starting the 17th of August. I have 29 day orders for work (yay, a paycheck!), and then I’ll stay another week until Ryan gets in from the field and return in time for his birthday. Then, I’ll turn around and head back to Arkansas the next week for drill and stay for a week or two and return for his graduation. We’ll have a couple of weeks together (maybe) before he starts Ranger school on the 1st of November. I’ll be back in Arkansas for a little while while he’s in Ranger school, but I’ll have to be here to keep an eye on the house, so if anyone wants to plan a visit in November or December to Fort Benning…it’ll just be me and the weiners by ourselves.


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  1. Aunt Darlene · August 10, 2009

    Can’t wait to see you showing, you’ll look soooo cute..all pregnant women glow..! I go to consignment shops and yard sales pretty often, so if you need me to keep an eye out for a perticular thing, let me know. Love ya and am excited that I get to be a “Great Aunt”.

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