Almost done

Well, I’ve almost got the house cleaned. I’m probably going to have to start over on Monday, but at least it won’t require a full-on spring cleaning again for at least another month. I told Ryan that if we’re both active duty, we’re probably going to have to hire a housekeeper to help out. He agreed.

We finally have a working downstairs toilet! Ryan and I fought over who got to use it last night when we came home from the movie. Ryan’s had a maintenance order in for awhile, but apparently they won’t do any work if no one’s home (how does that work if you’re both active duty??). So, they came by yesterday and fixed it. That helps a lot. It’s pretty sad having to tell your company, “uh, sorry, you have to go upstairs to use the toilet–this one’s broke.” The icemaker went on the fritz too. I’m hoping they come by today to fix that. Guess it means I’m not going anywhere today.

Ryan’s spending the night out in the field tonight, which sucks, but at least it means he’ll be ‘off’ Friday. He should get home around 730 or 8, so I’m going to make blueberry pancakes for breakfast. I’ve been waiting all week to make breakfast! Those blueberries are amazing, too. I made oatmeal cookies for the guys last night–Ryan took them with him this morning, so he’ll at least have something tasty to eat.


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