Feeling Accomplished

They bloom sporadically in the spring and summer.

They bloom sporadically in the spring and summer.

Well, yesterday didn’t go exactly how I planned it, but I definitely got a lot done. Just not the stuff I had planned on getting done! I managed to get most of the laundry done and get the kitchen clean, but I needed to run to the PX after that, and there’s where it went askew. I had been wanting to plant a couple of things in the backyard since we moved in–it’s just so blah back there. And, since Dora’s been digging her way to China right by the door, which makes for a dirty entry, I figured I’d attempt to kill two birds with one stone. So, we now have a little beauty in the backyard, and Dora no longer digs! (at least for now) I planted 2 Loropetalum shrubs (see pic) and instead of mulch, I put down big river pebbles to keep paws from digging around. Then, I found a set of 4 solar powered lights for $19 and planted those as well. Ryan was so excited when he got home (especially after dark when the pretty lights kicked on) that he said I could finish my project. I only need one more plant for that area. I really want to put in a waterfall in the corner, but I’m not sure I can do that cheaply. The plants were only $15 and the pebbles $3 per bag (used 3). We’re going to Home Depot this weekend to see about a very small pond liner and pump. I only want a 2′ wide very shallow pond, so maybe we can do this. Since we’re going to be here for another 6 months or so, I can’t stand looking at an ugly yard. Especially since I’m about to start entertaining again (now that I’m home!) Ryan said all the guys at the LTO are excited…

Last night we rented Gran Torino (if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to get it) and were laying there on the couch watching it when all of the sudden both the dogs jumped up and ran to the front door. I thought maybe they’d heard something, so I got up to check. They went nuts! I grabbed their leashes and let them out the front door–thought maybe they’d chase after a squirrel or something. They ran right to Ryan’s car. We realized it was the same time that we’d taken them to the dog park the day before…So, we jumped in the car and went to the dog park. We don’t even have to use leashes anymore–they run straight from the car to the gate and try to open it themselves! Both of them were so excited. Dexter thinks he’s the dog park ambassador: he greets every dog that comes in and shows them around. There were about 6 or 7 dogs there last night. Lots of people go around 7pm when it cools off, and the dogs run like crazy. Dora and Dexter are superfast, but they can’t keep up with the labs and huskies. It’s still funny to watch them try, and Dora low crawls around everywhere. I keep forgetting to take my camera.

It’s a nice cool day today. Foggy, but cool. It’s a good day for planting! I’m hoping to get my landscaping finished and get fully unpacked as well (I got one suitcase done yesterday, but all Ryan’s stuff is in my dresser since Bobby moved in). I don’t have much left on that, and then I can get started on the floors (that will be an all day task, and the dogs will have to stay outside or go to the babysitter’s). Anyway, when I finish the landscape project I’ll take pictures and post them.


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