Life is good…

Hopefully that title isn’t copyrighted! But, life is good right now. I may be unemployed (temporarily, we hope, of course), but that’s working in my favor right now. It’s 8 am, and I’ve got a mental list of things to do that is never ending. I can’t complain with Ryan’s housework skills, but we all know the boys aren’t the best detail cleaners! I spent a good hour on the kitchen already this morning and barely  made a dent. I’m going to have to pick an area of the house to start and just work my way through. Of course it’s raining outside, so where are the dogs right now? Dexter’s stretched out on my legs and Dora’s stretched out beside my left leg. Thank goodness for Dad’s recliner! This blog is probably going to be a little disjointed since I’m writing thoughts as they come and not in sequential order, by the way..

So, I woke up this morning the 3rd and final time (the other two times were when Ryan got up to go to PT and when he came back 15 minutes later to change into ACUs–he’s on detail today) to come downstairs expecting the house to be empty. Not so much! Ryan and a buddy were sitting downstairs when I came down, still half asleep. Now, keep in mind, I haven’t unpacked yet, so I have no idea where my glasses are. Luckily, I keep a spare pair of BCG’s (Birth Control Glasses–they’re the big, ugly ones they give to privates in basic training) in the bathroom, so I had slipped those on. I’ve still got zit cream on because my face has broken out from all the stress of travel, and there is a total stranger sitting in the living room. Ryan introduced me before I had fully realized what was going on. I couldn’t even say hello–all I got out of my mouth was, “Oh my gosh, I’m wearing BCGs!!” Hahah, what a great first impression, huh? Oh well.

So, Ryan has been telling me how depressed Dexter had been acting these past few weeks. We were worried that he was sick and had been contemplating taking him to the vet. However, Saturday night we realized he had just been missing his momma. When Ryan and I sat down on the couch, he jumped up and curled himself in my arms. There he stayed. Ryan took a few pictures of him–he was smiling in his sleep. If you think I’m kidding, wait til you see the pictures. He really was smiling! The dogs have not left my side since I got home. In fact, yesterday when Ryan and I went to play golf, Dexter tried to follow us out the door (Ryan said he usually doesn’t even bother getting off the couch when he leaves). Maybe dogs can get depressed…

By the way, Aunt Darlene, can you please thank Aunt Trisha for the goodies and letter she sent me? I was a little late getting the package because I continually forgot to check my mail, but because she vacuum seals everything, the cookies/brownies were still fresh and super-tasty. I started so many letters and postcards while I was in FLW, but they never got finished or sent because something always came up. No excuse, I know, but at least I tried. I will get those postcards out now that I’m home (once I find them).

We finally made it to the commissary Sunday evening. The only food in the house was cereal. I stocked up on all my favorite things to cook. I told Ryan he’s probably going to get fat for a little while! I’m so happy to be back in my kitchen with all my gadgets and knives. I made crabcakes and garlic mashed potatoes last night for dinner. Ryan’s not sure if he’s coming home tonight, so I haven’t planned tonight’s dinner yet. He’s on a detail this week, and they may have to stay in the field all week. Joy.

Little miss Dora has been entertaining herself outside by digging a hole to China. Sigh. She’s so smart though. She knows how to open doors–if she had thumbs, we’d never be able to keep her in the house. She jumps up to the doorknobs and handles and tries to turn them. Yesterday we took her to the dog park, and she almost got the chainlink gate open by jumping up and hitting the latch. And, last night, she couldn’t get beside me because Dexter was in the way, so she went down to the bottom of the bed and bypassed him. She figures things out pretty well. Unfortunately, as with most smart dogs, she gets into trouble because she entertains herself when she gets bored. (usually by chewing something) I’m taking them to PetCo this week to get some toys. Daddy doesn’t spoil them like momma does! I know, I know, but I don’t have kids yet!!!

Well, that’s it for this one. I’ve got to get started on the day. I’ll write more now that I have free time and keep everyone updated on my quest to go active duty or find a job.


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  1. Donna · July 13, 2009

    I’m so glad your family is reunited. I thought about you this weekend getting to be with Dexter and Dora again. I knew it would be all good. Enjoy what time you have to be a housewife. You’ve earned a little break, although I know you and Ryan get bored pretty quickly. I hope we can make a trip out that way sometime. I’ll have to wait until Wes gets over this last trip before I bring up another. Enjoy your day. Love you.

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