I should be sleeping

Ugh, it’s 2220, and I should definitely be in bed asleep, but there are so many things I was trying to get done tonight. Unfortunately, as it often happens, things did not go my way. I got a phone call about an hour and a half ago that one of the students’ family member passed away today. So, I just got back from checking to make sure she is okay.

It’s back to raining here again (surprise, surprise). As a matter of fact, we got “zonked” this morning for PT. I know, you’re wondering what the heck “zonking” is, right? In the Army, when somebody says, “ZONK!!” it means get the heck out of here, right this instant, or you’re gonna be pulling some kind of crappy duty. We took off running through the wet parking lot, pushing each other and nearly tripping ourselves to get to our vehicles. (In case you’re wondering why we got zonked, it was for lightning…haha, train as you fight, huh? But, we’re in TRADOC, so no one wants to take unnecessary risks.)

We started our radiation block of instruction today. Uhm, is it too late to change branches? I had forgotten what high school was like. Now I remember. I’m not really sure how I survived 8 hours of classroom instruction a day. Guess that’s why they do it when we’re too young to realize anything different.

So, I may have found a horse…His name is Maverick, and he’s an OTTB (Off the Track Thoroughbred). I found him through Bits & Bytes Farm (www.bitsandbytesfarm.com). They do TB replacement/rescue. Elizabeth (the manager) has great things to say about him and his current owner, but I’ve told her that it will have to wait, so if someone else comes along to buy him, then it wasn’t meant to be.

Well, that’s a comprehensive list of the most interesting stuff going on in my life right now. Pretty entertaining, right? 🙂 It’s okay, you don’t have to be nice–life is dullsville this second until we can get out into the field (when I’ll be praying to get back into the classroom b/c I’m sweating my butt off in level 4 MOPP gear).piney_river_sunset_email


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  1. Donna · April 29, 2009

    Hey Courtney! Your blog looks good. I enjoy keeping up with what you’re doing. I like the pictures, too. How much longer do you have before you are finished? Are you ever allowed to leave for the weekend? I think Mindy is going to ride up with Bruce’s parents to see Bruce over Mother’s Day weekend. You would not believe how big Shayla is getting. She is more fun all the time because she is so much more aware of things and likes to play. I would send you some pics of her, but I can seem to be able to download them from my card to my computer anymore. I’m a little retarded when it comes to technology. Gotta go. Hope you have a good week. Love you.

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